Review by Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt.

Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt writes a long blog about Roegels Barbecue and an interview with Russel.

Bryan says –

In the last few years the barbecue scene in Houston has made leaps and bounds in what I consider the right direction. Once relegated to the back corner of Texas barbecue a sea change has been made here. In the last five years the type of barbecue served has shifted. Brick and mortar locations had been joined by pop ups and trailers who serve up moist and flavorful brisket with a heavily seasoned bark and thin layer of fat that is retained through serving. This is opposed to what has been more traditionally served in Houston and closer to what is called east Texas style; brisket with little seasoning and all remnants of bark and fat removed before serving. You can still find many places who serve that style, but Roegels is riding the wave of flavor that is central Texas style barbecue and doing it well.

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